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Robert J. Ballantyne

Hello! Tansi! Sekoh! I am a teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa, planning to pursue a Ph.D. Before I fell in love with teaching, I was an investigative journalist, front-end web developer, graphic designer and TV director. Read more

The Talk of the Town Reflections on the art of teaching

Miigwetch T. Sharp Dopler for the incisive and direct lecture about two-spirit and Indigenous gender! A perfect mix of information, laughter, and yes, discomfort. You must drop by one of my classes one day!

Thank you to Professor Lee Airton for your fantastic keynote lecture on creating gender-friendly classrooms! (And thank you for signing my copy of your book!)

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"The strongman, the autocrat, only succeeds when a vast swath of the population decides they’ve seen enough and give up."

— Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)