PED 3102

Should gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual studies be incorporated into the curriculum?

The topic we have chosen to cover on this website is whether or not gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual studies should be incorporated into the curriculum. The stance we are taking on this particular question is that yes, LGBTQ+ studies should be incorporated into the curriculum, although we will be going over both the pros and cons of the addition of these studies to the curriculum. 

Throughout the website, we will be discussing the history of issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community and its integration into schools, and whether or not any legal components come into play. We will be going over statistics, such as mental health stats for LGBTQ+ youth and how an incorporation into the curriculum aids in the normalization of the language and terminology which could effect those numbers. We will discuss both the pros and the cons to this topic, and the various ways there was and is push-back. We will also give some resources and readings that are beneficial in learning more about this topic.

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