Unit Plan

Making sense of media

Essential question

How do we use, understand and create media in a variety of contexts?


How this unit captures a topic central to students’ lives

“In an online environment where the possibility for direct content regulation diminishes, the need for a media-literate public increases. Consumers and citizens need to be aware of the risks and opportunities offered across an array of online and mobile service activities, while stakeholders need to understand and monitor to what extent people are aware of changes and developments.”


Why are students likely to engage with this unit?

By connecting media literacy education with popular, of-the-moment texts, students will make greater critical connections to their own usage of media. This unit also aims to create experiences and media creation activities whenever possible, such as with song playlist creation, interactive games and more.


How does the essential question lead to a unit that is easily accessible to all students?

“Media literacy enables people to have the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to make full use of the opportunities presented both by traditional and by new communications services. Media literacy also helps people to manage content and communications, and protect themselves and their families from the potential risks associated with using these services.”


Connections between this connection and other learning in the course

Media literacy, including the “ability to access, analyze evaluate, create and act using all forms of communication is interdisciplinary by nature. Media literacy represents a necessary, inevitable, and realistic response to the complex, ever-changing electronic environment and communication cornucopia that surround us. To become a successful student, responsible citizen, productive worker, or competent and conscientious consumer, individuals need to develop expertise with the increasingly sophisticated information and entertainment media that address us on a multi-sensory level, affecting the way we think, feel, and behave.”

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