News/research from teacher-journalist Robert J. Ballantyne

The dark side of resilience

Harvard Business Review | Could too much resilience be a bad thing, just like too much muscle mass can be a bad thing?

The psychological trick that can make rewards backfire in video games

Game Makers' Toolkit | Goals and rewards can be a great way to motivate players to learn, but in certain circumstances, they can actually backfire on you

Letting tech giants like Facebook regulate themselves ‘simply not working,’ says minister

Global News: The West Block | "These platforms can't regulate themselves. We've tried that," said Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault

Michel Foucault on asking questions of and about power

I am sure I’ll never get the answer; but that does not mean that we don’t have to ask the question

Canadian artist Frederick Varley on the horrors of World War I

I'm going to paint a picture of it, but heavens, it can't say a thousandth part of a story. We'd be healthier to forget, & that we never can

Lieutenant Gitz Rice’s World War I trench song

Oh my! I don't want to die, I want to go home.

Canadian soldier Louis Keene on the realities of World War I

It’s all arranged for you, if there’s a bit of shell or a bullet with your name on it you’ll get it, so you’ve nothing to worry about

Madonna on complacency, creativity

'I don't see the point of living if you don't keep pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory'

Sal Mendaglio on giftedness as a double-edged sword

'Agents of society, such as parents and teachers, typically expect compliance from their children and students… Academic achievement may be negatively affected because it rests on conformity not questioning or challenging authority'

Robert Jay Lifton on the thought-terminating cliché

'The thought-terminating cliche is sometimes used in a deliberate way to shut down debate, manipulate others to think a certain way, or dismiss dissent'