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Madonna on complacency, creativity

'I don't see the point of living if you don't keep pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory'

Sal Mendaglio on giftedness as a double-edged sword

'Agents of society, such as parents and teachers, typically expect compliance from their children and students… Academic achievement may be negatively affected because it rests on conformity not questioning or challenging authority'

Robert Jay Lifton on the thought-terminating cliché

'The thought-terminating cliche is sometimes used in a deliberate way to shut down debate, manipulate others to think a certain way, or dismiss dissent'

Illustration of Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple fetches the bolt cutters

An illustration of the singer-songwriter outlined with a construction paper texture

University of Ottawa practicum binder covers

A cover art series that I created for each term of my Bachelor of Education degree

Rick Mercer, superhero

An illustration of the Canadian comedian