An Introduction to Gifted Learners

Giftedness is considered an exceptionality within Ontario's special education programs and services. But what exactly is a gifted student? And what are their special needs?

Allison Percy

Should LGBTQ+ studies be a part of the curriculum? This is the question that we explored as a group, and based on the statistical evidence gathered, the points for and against the question, and my own personal beliefs and experiences, I think that the answer is yes. We should absolutely be including LGBTQ+ studies in […]

Shawn Allen

If I learned one thing from this project, it is that the story of the Canadian LGBTQ+ community is rich, fascinating, and extremely complex. It is because of these reasons that I firmly believe more LGBTQ+ content should be taught in schools. Especially in middle school and high school, so many students are truly figuring […]

Brandon Bourcier

My personal conclusion is an obvious yes, LGBTQ+ studies should be included within the curriculum. I may be biased; before enrolled in my bachelors of education I worked for an education focused LGBTQ+ not for profit in which I both advocated and educated for the community. I would run workshops and conferences for both professional […]

Anastasia White

Whenever there is a debate about implementing new material in to the school curriculum, I believe that there should be an investigation in to whether the material is relevant to the lives of the students, will the material be helpful or harmful to the students, and what will it take in terms of training etc. […]

Diane Mitchell

Though Canada is one of the most progressive and accepting countries in terms of LGBTQ rights and individuals, heteronormativity is still very prevalent in our society. Many people are raised to believe that you are either a boy or a girl and that we should spend our lives fitting into the definition of the gender […]

Brock Hendry

My view of whether to integrate LGBT literature into the curriculum is committed, split, and nuanced. The LGBT+ spectrum is long, changing and complicated. There are studies that have found correlations between lesser amounts of violence to LGBT+ peoples when there is integrated literature and Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in the schools, which suggest to me […]