Robert J. Ballantyne

I support the integration of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual studies into the curriculum.


The topic we have chosen to cover on this website is whether or not gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual studies should be incorporated into the curriculum. The stance we are taking on this particular question is that yes, LGBTQ+ studies should be incorporated into the curriculum, although we will be going over both the pros […]


There are many reasons to support the inclusion of LGBTQ+ Studies in school curriculum, and well as general inclusivity in curriculum. Many of these reasons centre on the concept of student safety. Safer School Environment When schools have LGBTQ+ inclusive anti bullying policies and curriculum, many studies report that students feel safer at school and […]


There are many reasons for the resistance to teaching LGBT literature in the classroom. Most of them are not on the basis of homophobia. They do however range from the outright homophobic to the ignorant, and to legitimate concern for their career safety. NSCS reported only 22% of students exposed to queer-inclusive curriculum. A 2013 […]


Social History 1969 – On May 14th, 1969, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the Canadian government passed Bill C-150. The Criminal Law Amendment Act decriminalized homosexual acts between consenting adults. This was the first step towards equality and acceptance for the homosexual populations living in Canada and was met with both celebration and extreme controversy.  1985 […]


General LGBTQ+ Statistics As we begin to understand how people identify, whether it be their sexual identity or their gender identity, it is important to understand the prevalence of these identities in our own society when debating about the implementation of LGBTQ+ studies into the school curriculum. Canadians aged 18-59 were asked questions about their […]


The main thing that has to be understood about LGBTQ+ community (besides the terminology) is the difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation, and what that entails. Sex is biological. It consists of your sex organs, your hormonal composition, and chromosomal composition. Although unfortunately it is widely believed that gender is a binary system, scientifically […]


In-school resources The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s Diversity & Equity department offers numerous resources for LGBTQ+ teachers, students, parents and their allies. Every OCDSB school’s Diversity & Equity resources include a social worker, psychologist, learning support teacher(s) and principal. Jacqueline Lawrence is the OCDSB’s Diversity & Equity Coordinator. There is not an equivalent department or […]