Driven by Comedy

A 60-minute documentary about the Ottawa stand-up comedy scene.

Winner: 2018 SAW Video Production Fund

Driven by Comedy cast
Comedians (from left) Shelina Merani, Dianne Skoll and Mike LeBlanc (Photo by Robert J. Ballantyne)

Driven by Comedy follows a group of three comedians in Ottawa in separate, interweaving profiles. The documentary follows their artistic process and their universally-relatable desire to dream and create.

This 60-minute documentary is shot in a single-camera, cinéma vérité style, with the camera capturing fly-on-the-wall moments from specific scenes. These scenes are interspersed with longer interviews from each comic. All were filmed off-the-shoulder.

The documentary filmed from 2018 to 2019 and, as of March 2020, is in post-production.

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