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Paula Abdul, ‘The Way That You Love Me’

Why this dance-pop song became part of the soundtrack of my life for the week of January 7-13, 1990

Genre Key signature Tempo
Dance Pop E-Flat Minor Fast (120-155 BPM)

Songwriter/Producer: Oliver Lieber

The idea of keeping a top 10 popular music chart was inspired by a tear-off notepad. It was a simple to-do list with a countdown of 10 items that you could fill in. One random day in 1989, I started listing my favourite songs on it. As I started to take the lists more seriously, dutifully completing them every week, I made a promise to myself to fill out a list for every week of the entire next year.

Sundays were always the best day to make new lists, as I always had free time to watch music videos on MuchMusic on that day. While the original lists were lost years ago, I maintained the library over the years, first transferring them over to other sheets of paper, and eventually to a computer database.

Not surprisingly, Paula Abdul was the first artist to appear on my chart. I remember first hearing Abdul at my aunt’s house, with her cassette of Forever Your Girl playing all day through her boom box. The album had hit-after-hit-after-hit (“Straight Up”, “Cold Hearted” and the title track to name just three). Eventually, I convinced one of my parents to buy me a copy, too.


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