Gifted Education

Gifted education is a broad group of special practices, procedures, and theories used in the education of those who have been identified as gifted or talented. The main approaches to gifted education are enrichment and acceleration.

An Introduction to Gifted Learners

Giftedness is considered an exceptionality within Ontario's special education programs and services. But what exactly is a gifted student? And what are their special needs?

"You cannot strengthen one by weakening another; and you cannot add to the stature of a dwarf by cutting off the leg of a giant."

— Benjamin Franklin Fairless (1950)

"Success comes from building on and encouraging a child’s strengths, not taking them for granted. ​"

— Margaret Stevens​ on giftedness (2008)

Ottawa’s gifted student debate heats up

As schools move increasingly towards integrated classrooms, merging students with disabilities and non-special needs students together, where do gifted students fit in this dynamic?