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Sal Mendaglio on giftedness as a double-edged sword

'Agents of society, such as parents and teachers, typically expect compliance from their children and students… Academic achievement may be negatively affected because it rests on conformity not questioning or challenging authority'

What are the characteristics of gifted students?

Giftedness is not only about high intelligence, they also think and feel more intensely than the average person.

What are the origins of giftedness?

Giftedness is the result of both genetics and socialization.

How is giftedness identified?

There are three widely accepted psychological assessments to determine giftedness in students in Canadian schools.

What is the prevalence of giftedness?

A reasonable estimate is that 10 percent of the population are at least mildly gifted or talented.

How is giftedness defined in Ontario?

Each province and territory differs in its definition of giftedness.

Why gifted learners motivate my teaching practice

What exactly is a gifted student? And what are their special needs?